Us vs Them

Pudding Smack Down

Don't let just anyone inside your heart and fridge.


Us -

1g. That's pretty sweet.

Them -


Hello, treadmill, my old friend.

Degree required to understand the ingredient list

Us -

None. You could've slept through kindergarten and it'll still make sense.

Them -

PhD. Hey, don't you have better things to do with that?


Us -

Little more than friends, here.We're expecting a ring soon.

Them -

Passive-aggressively subtweets you.


Us -

100%. We love our animal friends. 🐮

Them -

There’s some cow juice in there.

Net Carbs

Us -

A cool 4g.

Them -

GIVE THEM A SECOND... they’re still Googling.


Us -

READY FOR TAKE-OFF, wherever, whenever.

Them -

SORRY PAL, did you remember to pack a spoon?


You've got questions, we've got pudding. Oh, and answers.


What Is Gooding?

It's an organic, plant-based Good Pudding. But you won't understand just how good until you try it yourself!


What is erythritol? It sounds kinda sci-fi

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in some fruits. It's sweet, but low calorie, and we always use organic.


What qualifications do those ancient monks have to sing your coconuts to sleep every night?

What part of "ancient" and "monks" is tripping you up?


Where do you get the unicorn hair that transports your coconuts?

Don't worry, no unicorns were harmed. We just pick it out of their hairbrushes after their makeover parties.


Do your products contain nuts?

Nope! But, they may be manufactured on equipment shared with nutty products.


Hey, 13 carbs sound like a lot. Are you really Keto-friendly?

Yes! To calculate net carbs, subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbs. This leaves you with, whoosh! 4 (nothing-but-net) carbs.


Gooding is so delicious, are you sure it's natural?

No worries, it's pretty confusing. But yes, it's all-natural and all for you.


How many flavors does Gooding come in?

Our flavor section will be expanding soon. Check back, or sign up for emails below!

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