The most dang delicious plant-based goodness on the planet.





And Strictly

No Cow Stuff.


Gooding is the first simple, squeezable pudding made of plant-based ingredients that are just as easy to pronounce as they are to digest. With a creamy coconut base, it’s an indulgence that won’t slow you down.

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Our Flavors

Welcome to camp wanna lotta pudding

Please direct your attention to our flagship flavor, Chocopalooza, made from coconuts that were sung to sleep every night by ancient monks and transported on a bed of hand-woven unicorn manes.
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New flavors are coming soon

You could obsessively check this page for the next flavor, or you can just, y’know, leave your email. We promise not to do anything weird with it.

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Gooding News!

The Gooding Story

Pudding Didn't Have To Stop Being Fun

It just kinda did. One day we all woke up and went, “Welp, that ain’t worth it anymore.” The additives. The having to learn new parts of the periodic table. The judging looks from the dog.

But it was never pudding’s fault. It was the ingredients. So, we dreamed up our organic, plant-based butt-kickery after one of the founders realized it was okay to keep joy in your life.

Don’t let the little package fool you, there’s more to satisfaction than size. Give our flagship chocolate flavor a big squeeze, and get sucker-punched in the mouth with coconut deliciousness.

Why The Name?

We call it Gooding. Because it's good. And it's Pudding. And... let's not overthink it, okay?